There is a new tool that thieves are starting to use that could be dangerous to homeowners and renters alike in Indiana that you need to know about.

According to EIProCus, the devices in question can be used nefariously, and make you lose the ability to use your home connection, including your phone to call for help:

A WiFi jammer is a wireless device that is used to interrupt the wireless network operation normally by simply transmitting a strong signal at the same frequency as the WiFi network. This can prevent legitimate devices from connecting to the network or cause existing connections to be unstable or slow.

How Are These Devices Dangerous?

Apparently, according to a recent report, thieves are placing these jammers near houses they plan on targeting, and Indiana homeowners should stay alert that they aren't next.

Other Shady Devices

I remember when I was in a car with my dad when I was younger and he would have this little machine attached to the sun-blocker that would beep and at times start beeping at a rapid pace and I always wondered what it was.

He used to call it a Fuzz Buster, which gave an audible alert when a police vehicle was nearby. Basically what it was, was a radar detector and the closer you got to a police vehicle the more it would start beeping.

This was most likely used because he was speeding, but regardless these devices are considered to be discouraged by police as cops do not encourage motorists to speed when police are not around. That device is illegal in Mississippi and Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia, but a Wi-Fi jammer is illegal according to the FCC.

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