Since 2018, Nonla Burger has been keeping it simple, yet creative at their locations. Starting with just 900 square feet on Burdick Street in Kalamazoo, the hot burger spot soon expanded, and opened a second, larger location on Drake Road in Kalamazoo, then in Mattawan, and Grand Rapids in 2022.

But change is coming, and one of Nonla's smaller spots will sadly be closing this June.

Nonla Burger in Mattawan held their Grand Opening on January 21st, 2022, in a small space on Front Street, and for two years, they did pretty good. Later that year, they would open a larger location in Grand Rapids as well, giving them four official spots across southwest Michigan.

But sadly, over the weekend, Nonla Burger's social media pages announced that the Mattawan Location would be closing down this June.

In part, the statement read...

"June 15th will be Nonla Burger Mattawan's last day of service. We are closing this location and passing the torch to a great family who will be taking over with a new concept this summer. Alex and Rafaela have worked with us for several years and we have grown close with them and their daughter Michelle... We are so excited for (them) to make it their own, and kick start their new family business."

You can read the full statement in the post below.

So while it sounds like Mattaway will be losing a Nonla Burger, they'll soon be gaining a new restaurant, run by a family that the Nonla crew trusts, and can confirm will do their best to bring a great atmosphere to the new spot.

No word on exactly what the "new concept" will be, or when exactly it will open, but it sounds like residents of Mattawan won't have to wait too long to find out.

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