The Regulatory agency in Michigan has announced a recall of more than 1,000 pre-rolled joints across the state which they say were not properly tested and scrutinized over before they were distributed.

The company Flavor Galaxy, based out of Hazel Park distributed the pre-rolled, infused joints without proper approval, and now the MCRA wants them all back.

Based on John R. Road in Detroit, Flavor Galaxy is one of the major producers, and distributors of cannabis in the state of Michigan, and are sold practically in every city.

Their line of infused pre-rolls are fairly popular, but the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency says a batch sent out without the proper approval, and they have to be returned.

According to the CRA:

"The statewide monitoring system indicated that the infused pre-rolls only had safety compliance testing for raw marijuana flower and potency and were not tested after Flavor Galaxy added cannabis distillate and/or terpenes to the product."

The distillate is the resulting product after distilling certain items that would be infused in the product, and terpenes are largely responsible for the aroma characteristics of marijuana.

The state said this recall affects products produced between November 25, 2023, and May 6th of this year. If you have one of Flavor Galaxy's infused pre-rolls that were produced between those dates, you're asked to dispose of them properly, or return them to the store they were purchased from.

My guess is, most people already "disposed" of the joints already, though.

You can also report adverse reactions from any cannabis products to the CRA by calling 517-284-8599.

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