Indiana natives are known as Hoosiers. Why? Nobody knows, but it's no secret that the Hoosiers know how to ball. Aside from their incredible records from both top-tier colleges, down to the lowly Indiana State programs, Indiana is known for their basketball programs.

High School is no different, and it shows in the size of their arenas, as 10 of the 12 largest High School arenas are located in the Hoosier State. Take THAT Texas!

Just like Texas goes above and beyond with football, Indiana takes basketball to the extreme. There are state-wide awards only known to exist in Indiana for basketball alone, and their insanity during basketball season is unmatched.

But it's their fieldhouses that speak the loudest about their programs. Ten of the largest 12 high school gymnasiums are in the state of Indiana, all of them holding more than 7,000 people at capacity.

The only two non-Hoosier arenas include Wharton Field House in Moline, Illinois, which is the 9th largest, holding 7,250, and Alfred J. Loos Fieldhouse in (shocker) Dallas, Texas, that holds 7,500.

Besides that, Indiana reigns supreme, and at least four of them reside in northern Indiana, within a short drive of Chicago, or western Michigan cities like Kalamazoo.


StateCityVenueCapacityYear Built
1IndianaNew CastleNew Castle Fieldhouse8,424[2]1959
2IndianaSeymourLloyd E. Scott Gymnasium8,228[1]1970
3IndianaEast ChicagoJohn A. Baratto Athletic Center8,054[1]1988
4IndianaMuncieMuncie Fieldhouse7,635 [3]1928
5IndianaMarionBill Green Athletic Arena7,560 [4]1970
6TexasDallasAlfred J. Loos Fieldhouse7,500[5]1965
7IndianaElkhartNorth Side Gymnasium7,373[5]1954
8IndianaMichigan City"The Wolves' Den" Gym7,304[5]1971
9IllinoisMolineWharton Field House7,250[5]1928
10IndianaGaryWest Side High School Gym7,217[5]1969
11IndianaLafayetteJefferson High School Gym7,200[4]1975
12IndianaSouthportSouthport High School Gym7,124[4]1958

You'll also notice that many of these fieldhouses and gymnasiums are quite old, too. Two of the top 10 arenas are nearly 100 years old, and are still in commission.

Make no mistake, Indiana knows how to ball, AND with the addition of Caitlyn Clark to the WNBA's Indiana Fever, that urge to hoop in the Hoosier state only grows stronger.

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