Call it lazy, call it conservationism, call it whatever you'd like.

Come May 1, 2024 communities across Michigan will be participating in a growing movement to protect natural habitats and wildlife across the state. Here's how you can join in!

As an add on to all the recent Earth Day clean-ups and events across the globe you'll find communities in our own back yard participating in "No Mow May" this spring. Have you heard of this new grass roots movement?

MDOT via Facebook/Canva
MDOT via Facebook/Canva

No Mow May

The idea is just that: avoid mowing your yard for the entire month of May!

By leaving your lawn unkempt and wild for just one month you can facilitate the growth of dandelions, wildflowers, and other plants that are considered essential food sources to various groups of pollinators across Michigan.

These pollinators are often threatened by habitat loss (often from mowing), pathogens, and parasites. However, these key pollinators are not just limited to honey bees.

Many insects and animals you wouldn't even think of are important players in the cross-pollination process like bats, birds, butterflies, moths, and even wasps! According to the USDA,

A healthy pollinator population is vital to producing marketable commodities. More than 100 U.S. grown crops rely on pollinators.

 Other Ways to Protect Pollinators

In addition to No Mow May there is a growing effort by the State of Michigan to protect our key pollinators including planting fields of sunflowers along various interchanges and highways.

The Michigan DNR also provides a guide for the best native trees and flowers to plant to provide adequate nesting and food supplies. But remember, you don't have to go all out to help protect pollinators in Michigan it can be as simple as leaving your lawn mower untouched for a month!

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