A Michigan model now has the largest breasts in the United States and the second largest in the world.

Foxy Menagerie Verre is a model based out of Sterling Heights, Michigan.  You might have seen Foxy on Season One, Episode 5 of the TLC show 'My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?'

Foxy, who has an addiction to having enormous breasts! Her over-the-top boobs have brought her fame, but they may also pose a serious threat to her health.

With her double Z implants, Foxy officially became the woman with the largest breasts in America in 2023 and she's not done.  The former interior designer turned model is clearly addicted to plastic surgery according to Boobpedia.com,

She has had multiple plastic surgery procedures to create a "morphed hourglass look." She has had four breast augmentations. In the most recent one, 2000cc saline tissue expander shells were placed. They are currently filled to 10,020 cc and she wants to go bigger. She also has an internal corset and has had fat transferred to her lips and butt, liposuction, lip augmentation (3 times), and fillers.


Surprisingly, at one point Foxy had a much smaller frame.  The difference in the before and after photos on The Sun U.S. is shocking, to say the least.  Who are we to judge?  It sounds like her cosmetic surgery makes her happy and that's really all that matters.  Depending on what source you trust, Foxy's net worth is somewhere between 2 - 4 million dollars because of sites like OnlyFans.

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