A favorite, local bookstore has announced a switch-up for their in-store cafe.

This is a Bookstore & Bookbug, on Oakland Drive in Kalamazoo, operates as you would expect a bookstore to operate. They have a huge selection of genres, bookmarks & trinkets, and journals. They even have a separate store just for the kids.

However, one thing that makes Bookbug unique is its in-store cafe, Table of Contents, which offers coffee, treats, and more. It really gave that Barnes and Noble feeling with the added bonus of supporting a locally owned store.

Well, in a recent Instagram post, they announced that there's a new cafe moving in.

Factory Coffee, which has been a long-time supplier, will now be taking over the cafe full-time:

Reactions from locals were mixed with a few comments reading:

Aw, honestly really mostly sad about the name change haha. It was much more creative and unique. I hope they don't make many changes- almost none are needed. - Reinakam 

This is so exciting! I hope I still get to see the same awesome baristas and gluten free menus items but am HERE for this collaboration! - RachelSkyeReads

Hope the cocktails from TOC will remain, and the bagels from FC will be coming along. - Auntamyswears

About Factory Coffee

According to its website, Factory Coffee is a family-owned coffee company in Kalamazoo.

They work to deliver ethically roasted coffee intentionally choosing farms that support their local communities. That includes:

employing environmentally-friendly initiatives, properly training and fairly compensating employees, and amplifying women and marginalized folks in the coffee growing industry

They currently have a couple of shops in the Kalamazoo area, not including the addition of Bookbug. And, you can buy their coffee online. See their website here to learn more.

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