Who's ready for their in-state summer vacation here in Michigan?

I love exploring this state. I've lived in Michigan for a little less than two years, but every chance I get to see something brand new in the state, it never fails to impress.

Michigan has plenty of man-made attractions, like the Mackinac Bridge or Comerica Park to attract visitors. But nature is unmatched in this state, especially the further north you travel.

Still, spots like Mackinac Island, Pictured Rocks or any of the Great Lakes are widely known and popular destinations when the sun is out over the Mitten State.

But it's your vacation, don't you want a little peace and quiet? One spot in Michigan was recently recognized as one the country's top hidden gems thanks to its natural beauty and solitude.

Cheapism named the top hidden gem in each state and for Michigan, their choice was Isle Royale National Park.

From Cheapism:

In Lake Superior between Thunder Bay, Canada, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, one of America's least visited national parks remains a mystery to even the most die-hard Michiganders. But those who make the grueling trek are rewarded with a wilderness paradise consisting of hundreds of gorgeous little islands brimming with wildlife and nearly entirely devoid of humans.

The most northern point of Michigan on a flat map, the Isle Royal National Park isn't the easiest place to get to, considering it's an island 56 miles away from mainland Michigan. Not only that, it's the biggest island in Michigan and the park itself is composed of roughly 450 islands.

Despite its beauty and unique location, Isle Royal National Park is the least visited national park in the continental US.

It doesn't get much more hidden than that.

Vintage Isle Royale

The Huron Islands: Lake Superior, Michigan